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Catalogue number Title
FH1067 FH1067
Spanish Jars
FH0947 FH0947
Still Life with Red Jar
FH0430 FH0430
Breton Pottery
FH1000 FH1000
Nine Plums
FH0720 FH0720
The Sitting Room
FH0972 FH0972
Woman Washing in the Garden
FH0819 FH0819
Lilies - Still Life
FH1192 FH1192
Wild Violets and Honesty
FH1272 FH1272
Still life: Self Portrait
FH0701 FH0701
Breton Mother and Child
FH0878 FH0878
Still Life
FH1123 FH1123
Still Life
FH0437 FH0437
A Dutch Housewife