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Catalogue number Title
RC2015/4/4/83 RC2015/4/4/83
W M Hodgkins
RC2015/4/4/84 RC2015/4/4/84
The Wash House, Cranmore Lodge, Dunedin
RC2015/4/4/86 RC2015/4/4/86
May Kenyon
RC2015/4/4/87 RC2015/4/4/87
Frances Hodgkins Leaving Buckingham Palace with Niece Lydia and Captain Pharazyn after his Investiture
RC2015/4/4/88 RC2015/4/4/88
Frances Hodgkins in her Studio, Wellington
RC2015/4/4/89 RC2015/4/4/89
Frances Hodgkins in her Bowen Street Studio, Wellington
RC2015/4/4/90 RC2015/4/4/90
The Family at Frances Hodgkins' Birthplace, 32 Royal Terrace, Dunedin
RC2015/4/4/91 RC2015/4/4/91
Percy Hodgkins and Friend Albert at Mangatainoka
RC2015/4/4/92 RC2015/4/4/92
William Mathew Hodgkins
RC2015/4/4/96 RC2015/4/4/96
Winnie Brotherton and Frances Hodgkins
RC2015/4/4/97 RC2015/4/4/97
Winnie Brotherton and Frances Hodgkins
RC2015/4/4/98 RC2015/4/4/98
Isabel (or Sis) and William (or Willie) Hodgkins taken in the mid-1870s
RC2015/4/4/99 RC2015/4/4/99
Frances Hodgkins, Montreuil-sur-Mer
RC2015/4/4/100 RC2015/4/4/100
The Harbour at St Ives, Cornwall
RC2015/4/4/101 RC2015/4/4/101
Frances Hodgkins at Mousehole, Cornwall
RC2015/4/4/102 RC2015/4/4/102
Mousehole, Cornwall Harbour with Frances Hodgkins Seated Front Right
RC2015/4/4/103 RC2015/4/4/103
Mrs and Mr Seddon; Lady Caroline Knox and Frances Hodgkins [recto]; Unidentified Boat Race; Unidentified Sailing Club [verso]
RC2015/4/4/104 RC2015/4/4/104
Frances Hodgkins
RC2015/4/4/105 RC2015/4/4/105
Frances Hodgkins
RC2015/4/4/106 RC2015/4/4/106
Frances Hodgkins Sketching at Concarneau, Brittany