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Catalogue number Title
FH0342 FH0342
Street Scene
Rue de la Cordonniere
FH0355 FH0355
FH0358 FH0358
Street Scene in French Town
FH0360 FH0360
French Street Scene
FH0365 FH0365
Farmers' Market France
FH0366 FH0366
Market Scene, France
FH0369 FH0369
Market Scene
FH0375 FH0375
French Washerwomen
FH0398 FH0398
Marketplace, France
FH0452 FH0452
Vegetable Stall France
FH0481 FH0481
A Village Gateway, France
FH0493 FH0493
French Washerwoman
FH0564 FH0564
Dejeuner at the Hotel du Lion d'Or
FH0678 FH0678
Landscape, South of France
FH0682 FH0682
FH0689 FH0689
Women at Market
FH0691 FH0691
Peasant Woman at Market
FH0696 FH0696
Cardplayers France
FH0718 FH0718
Frenchman Wearing Beret