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Catalogue number Title
FH1212 FH1212
The Wheelwright's Shop
FH1228 FH1228
Tithe Barn, Cerne Abbas
FH1115 FH1115
The Wheelwright's Shop
FH0200 FH0200
A Sunny Corner
FH1136 FH1136
The Mill House
FH1234 FH1234
Barns, Trees and Fields
FH1150 FH1150
Houses and Outhouses, Purbeck
FH0070 FH0070
Tank and Ducks
FH0087 FH0087
Washerwoman and Hens
FH0106 FH0106
Her Daily Care
FH0110 FH0110
Girl Feeding Poultry
FH0447 FH0447
Goose Girl
FH1127 FH1127
Tanks, Barrels and Drums
FH0093 FH0093
Maori Girl Standing at a Doorway
FH0895 FH0895
Still Life
FH0058 FH0058
A Game of Marbles