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Catalogue number Title
FH0107 FH0107
In a Paris Cafe
FH0781 FH0781
Study of a Model
FH0827 FH0827
Jug of Flowers
FH0824 FH0824
The Birdcage
FH0548 FH0548
Untitled [Summer Garden]
FH0238 FH0238
And Age is the Time of Peace
FH0828 FH0828
Flower Still Life in a Landscape
FH0937 FH0937
The White House
FH0938 FH0938
The White Chateau
FH0891 FH0891
Red Jug
FH0995 FH0995
Pleasure Garden
FH0096 FH0096
FH0226 FH0226
The Old Batchelor - A Stitch in Time
FH0229 FH0229
Study of an Old Man
FH0369 FH0369
Market Scene
FH0370 FH0370
San Remo Market
FH0398 FH0398
Marketplace, France
FH1107 FH1107
Cards at the Vyne
FH0565 FH0565
The Tea Party
FH0689 FH0689
Women at Market