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Catalogue number Title
FH0454 FH0454
Purple and Black
FH0525 FH0525
Women in a French Market
FH0949 FH0949
Winter Leaves
FH0763 FH0763
Still Life: Anemones and Hyacinths
FH0238 FH0238
And Age is the Time of Peace
FH0548 FH0548
Untitled [Summer Garden]
FH0837 FH0837
Woman Sewing
FH0553 FH0553
Seated Woman
FH0720 FH0720
The Sitting Room
FH0782 FH0782
Girl with a Bowl
FH0883 FH0883
Figures at a Table with Plants
FH0995 FH0995
Pleasure Garden
FH1009 FH1009
Sabrina's Garden
FH1012 FH1012
Sabrina's Garden
FH0813 FH0813
Still Life and Fruit
FH0828 FH0828
Flower Still Life in a Landscape
FH0852 FH0852
Still Life
FH0937 FH0937
The White House
FH0938 FH0938
The White Chateau