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Catalogue number Title
Rue de la Cordonniere
A Village Street
FH0389 FH0389
A Street in Delft, Holland
FH0745 FH0745
The Yellow House
FH0399 FH0399
Street Scene in Holland
FH0434 FH0434
Street Scene
FH0483 FH0483
St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh
FH0682 FH0682
FH0406 FH0406
Street Scene
FH1325 FH1325
Street Scene, Dinan
FH0342 FH0342
Street Scene
FH0343 FH0343
Village Scene
FH0358 FH0358
Street Scene in French Town
FH0384 FH0384
Village Street Scene
FH0410 FH0410
Moroccan Street Scene
FH0411 FH0411
Moroccan Street Scene
FH0815 FH0815
French Street Scene, South of France
FH0402 FH0402
Orange Sellers, Tangier
FH0335 FH0335
A Street Scene, France
FH0340 FH0340
Market Stall