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Catalogue number Title
FH0713 FH0713
Les Martigues
FH0714 FH0714
Domestic. Scene
FH0453 FH0453
Vegetable Market Venice
FH0519 FH0519
Breton Peasant
FH0617 FH0617
Portrait of Miss Beatrice Wood
FH0257 FH0257
Maori and Baby
FH0308 FH0308
Maori Picnic
FH0689 FH0689
Women at Market
FH0715 FH0715
Mending the Nets, Les Martigues
FH0092 FH0092
Phemie Mending a Net
FH0379 FH0379
Rue de L'Horloge, Dinan
FH0452 FH0452
Vegetable Stall France