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Catalogue number Title
FH0194 FH0194
A Nut Brown Maid
FH0973 FH0973
Portrait of Elsie Barling
FH0244 FH0244
A Maori Maid
FH0169 FH0169
Maori Child
FH0185 FH0185
Untitled [Maori Girl]
FH0186 FH0186
Untitled [Maori Girl]
FH0292 FH0292
Brown Bess
FH0433 FH0433
FH0444 FH0444
Head of a Girl
FH0836 FH0836
Seated Woman
FH1312 FH1312
The Rialto, Venice
FH0144 FH0144
Head of an Old Woman
FH0264 FH0264
Maori Wahines
FH0295 FH0295
Maori Woman with Child
FH0307 FH0307
Maori Women
FH0371 FH0371
Market Place Italy
FH0419 FH0419
The Beautiful Jewess
FH0420 FH0420
FH0438 FH0438
Maori Woman with Baby
FH0691 FH0691
Peasant Woman at Market