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Catalogue number Title
FH1133 FH1133
FH1135 FH1135
Chairs and Pots
FH1299 FH1299
Pottery, Tangier Market
FH0762 FH0762
The Spanish Pot
FH0885 FH0885
Spanish Pottery
FH0946 FH0946
Broken Pottery
FH1045 FH1045
FH1033 FH1033
Phoenician Pottery and Gourds
FH0833 FH0833
The Broken Bowl
FH0430 FH0430
Breton Pottery
FH1203 FH1203
China Shoe
FH0612 FH0612
The Potters
FH0829 FH0829
Still Life with Flowers in Landscape
FH0874 FH0874
Still Life in a Landscape
FH1046 FH1046
Ibiza, Spain
FH0754 FH0754
Still Life
FH0939 FH0939
Two Plates
FH0938 FH0938
The White Chateau
FH0892 FH0892
Cut Melons
FH0887 FH0887
Nuptial Bouquet