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Catalogue number Title
FH0040 FH0040
Girl in Gainsborough Hat
FH0510 FH0510
Untitled [Women Sitting Among the Rocks]
FH0538 FH0538
La Plage
FH0290 FH0290
Lady in a Veil
FH0297 FH0297
Portrait of a Lady
FH0572 FH0572
Untitled [Beach scene]
FH0529 FH0529
La Plage, Concarneau
FH0546 FH0546
Two Women in a Landscape
FH0553 FH0553
Seated Woman
FH0539 FH0539
Untitled [Woman in a Sunhat]
FH0527 FH0527
The Beach Umbrellas
FH0530 FH0530
Pink Parasols