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Catalogue number Title
FH0140 FH0140
Young Woman
FH0787 FH0787
Portrait of a Girl
FH0900 FH0900
Woman with Pearls (Dorothy Selby)
FH0973 FH0973
Portrait of Elsie Barling
FH0230 FH0230
Maori Woman with Daisies
FH0495 FH0495
A Dutch Girl
FH0836 FH0836
Seated Woman
FH0104 FH0104
Portrait of Ethel McLaren
FH0248 FH0248
Portrait of Mrs J H Scott
FH0285 FH0285
Maori Girl with Beads
FH0616 FH0616
Mrs Cobbett with Terrier
FH0618 FH0618
Portrait of a Young Woman
FH0807 FH0807
Lancashire Children
FH0172 FH0172
Maori Girl