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Catalogue number Title
FH1037 FH1037
Siamese Cats
FH1193 FH1193
Still Life
FH0833 FH0833
The Broken Bowl
FH0940 FH0940
Still Life
FH0942 FH0942
Still Life
FH0943 FH0943
FH0947 FH0947
Still Life with Red Jar
FH1047 FH1047
Still Life, Fish and Shells
FH1105 FH1105
Still Life
FH1065 FH1065
Mediterranean Courtyard
FH1247 FH1247
Christmas Tree
FH0906 FH0906
Berries and Laurel
FH0905 FH0905
The Green Urn
FH1202 FH1202
FH0095 FH0095
FH0959 FH0959
Boy and Girl
FH0997 FH0997
Enchanted Garden
FH0823 FH0823
Flowers and Still Life
FH0834 FH0834
Plants and Cockerels
FH0874 FH0874
Still Life in a Landscape