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Catalogue number Title
FH1209 FH1209
Barn Interior, Dolaucothy
FH1165 FH1165
Jane Saunders
FH0514 FH0514
Untitled [Interior of a Cathedral]
FH0837 FH0837
Woman Sewing
FH0558 FH0558
La Robe Rose
FH0562 FH0562
The Convalescent
FH0578 FH0578
Reclining Woman
FH0628 FH0628
A Musical Evening
FH0714 FH0714
Domestic. Scene
FH0720 FH0720
The Sitting Room
FH0808 FH0808
Interior Scene
FH1220 FH1220
Kitchen Range
FH0999 FH0999
Cat and Mousetrap
FH0717 FH0717
FH0734 FH0734
Mrs Siddell
FH0590 FH0590
Family Meeting
FH0698 FH0698
Café Les Martigues
FH0697 FH0697
Pension Scene
FH0615 FH0615
The Edwardians
FH0096 FH0096