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Catalogue number Title
FH0845 FH0845
Dish of Fruit - Notes for Colour
[verso: Cityscape]
FH0950 FH0950
Still Life
FH0951 FH0951
Narcissus and Fruit
FH0918 FH0918
Still Life Landscape
FH0594 FH0594
Girl in a Black Dress
FH0905 FH0905
The Green Urn
FH1000 FH1000
Nine Plums
FH0496 FH0496
Untitled [Still Life with a Bottle]
FH0906 FH0906
Berries and Laurel
FH1036 FH1036
Spanish Shrine
FH0813 FH0813
Still Life and Fruit
FH0822 FH0822
Still Life with Flowers, Eggs and Lemons
FH0823 FH0823
Flowers and Still Life
FH0830 FH0830
Still Life
FH0852 FH0852
Still Life
FH0874 FH0874
Still Life in a Landscape
FH0876 FH0876
Landscape and Still Life
FH0888 FH0888
Landscape with Still Life
FH0892 FH0892
Cut Melons
FH0916 FH0916
Blackberry and Apple