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Catalogue number Title
FH0845 FH0845
Dish of Fruit - Notes for Colour
[verso: Cityscape]
FH0950 FH0950
Still Life
FH0951 FH0951
Narcissus and Fruit
FH0918 FH0918
Still Life Landscape
FH0594 FH0594
Girl in a Black Dress
FH1000 FH1000
Nine Plums
FH0906 FH0906
Berries and Laurel
FH1036 FH1036
Spanish Shrine
FH0905 FH0905
The Green Urn
FH0496 FH0496
Untitled [Still Life with a Bottle]
FH0813 FH0813
Still Life and Fruit
FH0822 FH0822
Still Life with Flowers, Eggs and Lemons
FH0823 FH0823
Flowers and Still Life
FH0852 FH0852
Still Life
FH0874 FH0874
Still Life in a Landscape
FH0876 FH0876
Landscape and Still Life
FH0916 FH0916
Blackberry and Apple
FH0921 FH0921
Still Life with Lilies in a Vase
FH0922 FH0922
Still Life and Landscape
FH0954 FH0954
Leaves and a Pot