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Catalogue number Title
FH1297 FH1297
FH0150 FH0150
Peach Blossom
FH0731 FH0731
FH0854 FH0854
Untitled (Vase of Flowers)
FH0879 FH0879
Still Life with Flowers and Vases
FH1316 FH1316
Side Entrance
FH1198 FH1198
Pansies in a Vase
FH0175 FH0175
Portrait of an Unidentified Young Woman
Apple Blossom
FH0446 FH0446
Eschscholzias & Rose Tree, Paraparaumu
FH1161 FH1161
Portrait of Mrs Elisabeth Curtis
FH1209 FH1209
Barn Interior, Dolaucothy
FH1225 FH1225
Corfe Castle
FH0623 FH0623
Barn in Picardy
FH0960 FH0960
Three Figures
FH1052 FH1052
Flowering Cactus
FH0762 FH0762
The Spanish Pot
FH0773 FH0773
Tulips and Hyacinths
FH0818 FH0818
Flower Still Life
FH0885 FH0885
Spanish Pottery