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Catalogue number Title
FH0872 FH0872
The Brown Vase
FH0142 FH0142
Lady Hosking in Japanese Dress
FH0788 FH0788
Sketch for a Portrait
FH0972 FH0972
Woman Washing in the Garden
FH1220 FH1220
Kitchen Range
FH0888 FH0888
Landscape with Still Life
FH1060 FH1060
FH0821 FH0821
A Bottle Party
FH0884 FH0884
FH0625 FH0625
Baby with Abacus
FH0626 FH0626
Mother and Child
FH0736 FH0736
Jane Saunders & Hannah Ritchie
FH0915 FH0915
Still Life with Landscape
FH0869 FH0869
Still Life in a Landscape
FH0826 FH0826
Fruit, Flowers & Heath