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Catalogue number Title
FH0061 FH0061
Lady in Blue (Isabel Seated)
FH0103 FH0103
The Girl with the Flaxen Hair
FH0140 FH0140
Young Woman
FH0175 FH0175
Portrait of an Unidentified Young Woman
FH0522 FH0522
FH0550 FH0550
La Premiere Communion
FH0034 FH0034
Nobody about I trust
FH0039 FH0039
FH0073 FH0073
Seated Woman
FH0115 FH0115
Girl in Heliotrope
FH0135 FH0135
Girl with the Red Scarf
FH0141 FH0141
Lady Hosking
FH0167 FH0167
Profile Portrait of a Woman (May Kenyon)
FH0203 FH0203
Young Woman in Profile
FH0230 FH0230
Maori Woman with Daisies
FH0253 FH0253
The Young Wahine
FH0255 FH0255
Maori Girl in Blue
FH0266 FH0266
Maori Girl with Shells
FH0291 FH0291
Miss Florence Ellen Stafford