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Catalogue number Title
Study of Poultry
FH0183 FH0183
The Casuals
The Hen-Wife
FH0068 FH0068
Card Depicting Hens and Chickens
FH1209 FH1209
Barn Interior, Dolaucothy
FH0200 FH0200
A Sunny Corner
FH0339 FH0339
The Poulterers' Corner, Arles
FH0037 FH0037
Girl Feeding Poultry
FH0087 FH0087
Washerwoman and Hens
FH0106 FH0106
Her Daily Care
FH0110 FH0110
Girl Feeding Poultry
FH1261 FH1261
Washerwoman and Hens no 2
FH0036 FH0036
Feeding the Hens