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Catalogue number Title
FH0849 FH0849
Bowl with Flower Detail - Notes for Colour
FH0946 FH0946
Broken Pottery
FH0200 FH0200
A Sunny Corner
FH0594 FH0594
Girl in a Black Dress
FH0833 FH0833
The Broken Bowl
FH0940 FH0940
Still Life
FH1000 FH1000
Nine Plums
FH0782 FH0782
Girl with a Bowl
FH0813 FH0813
Still Life and Fruit
FH0819 FH0819
Lilies - Still Life
FH0822 FH0822
Still Life with Flowers, Eggs and Lemons
FH0834 FH0834
Plants and Cockerels
FH0922 FH0922
Still Life and Landscape
FH0941 FH0941
The China Dog
FH0890 FH0890
Still Life
FH1221 FH1221
Window Piece
FH1096 FH1096
Silver Howe
FH0754 FH0754
Still Life
FH0930 FH0930
Three Roses
FH0828 FH0828
Flower Still Life in a Landscape