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Catalogue number Title
FH1190 FH1190
FH1027 FH1027
Courtyard Ibiza
FH1093 FH1093
Still Life
FH1169 FH1169
Two Heads
FH0806 FH0806
Seated Woman
FH1173 FH1173
Bradford-On-Tone, Geoffrey Gorer's Cottage
FH1191 FH1191
FH1224 FH1224
The Root Crop
FH1177 FH1177
Tréboul 1
FH1104 FH1104
In Perspective
FH1102 FH1102
In the Hills, Spain
FH1160 FH1160
Empty Barrels and Drums
FH1188 FH1188
Farm Implements
FH1159 FH1159
FH1172 FH1172
The Elevator
FH1218 FH1218
Purbeck Farm
FH1244 FH1244
The Spanish Well, Purbeck
FH1082 FH1082
River Pool, Somerset
FH1090 FH1090
The Weir, Bradford on Tone
FH1108 FH1108
Ruins, Cadaques