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Catalogue number Title
FH0699 FH0699
The French Innkeeper, Francois
FH0718 FH0718
Frenchman Wearing Beret
FH0743 FH0743
Portrait of X M Boulestin
FH0335 FH0335
A Street Scene, France
FH0372 FH0372
Market Scene Normandy
FH0373 FH0373
Breton Woman
FH0374 FH0374
Street Scene Dinan
FH0493 FH0493
French Washerwoman
FH0552 FH0552
The Apple Sellers
FH0686 FH0686
Fishing Boats Douarnenez
FH0710 FH0710
Cassis Quarrymen
FH0750 FH0750
FH0519 FH0519
Breton Peasant
FH0746 FH0746
Three French Children
FH0380 FH0380
FH0708 FH0708
Cassis Quarryman and Wife
FH0351 FH0351
Calves for Sale, Les Anderleys, Normandy
FH0701 FH0701
Breton Mother and Child
FH0336 FH0336
Making Cider Caudebec. Normandy
FH0344 FH0344
Street Scene Les Andeleys