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Catalogue number Title
1955/46/6 1955/46/6
Landscape with buildings and river
FH0962 FH0962
Girls with a Jug
FH0952 FH0952
Sea Landscape with Flowers
FH0985 FH0985
Foliage in China
FH0848 FH0848
FH0763 FH0763
Still Life: Anemones and Hyacinths
1955/46/3 1955/46/3
Bridge with Distant Landscape Seen Through One of the Arches
FH0845 FH0845
Dish of Fruit - Notes for Colour
[verso: Cityscape]
FH0778 FH0778
FH0847 FH0847
Vase with Handles - Notes for Colour
FH0852 FH0852
Still Life
FH0739 FH0739
Hannah Ritchie and Jane Saunders
FH0824 FH0824
The Birdcage
FH0948 FH0948
Eggs and Ferns
FH1202 FH1202
FH0891 FH0891
Red Jug
FH1033 FH1033
Phoenician Pottery and Gourds
FH0742 FH0742
Double Portrait
FH1080 FH1080
Pumpkins and Peppers