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Catalogue number Title
FH1254 FH1254
Spring at Little Woolgarston
FH1235 FH1235
Abandoned Cottage, Cerne Abbas No. 2
Lady Juliana's Gateway
FH1216 FH1216
Green Valley, Carmarthenshire
FH1197 FH1197
Flowers and Cat
FH1210 FH1210
The New Rick
FH1215 FH1215
Broken Tractor
FH0746 FH0746
Three French Children
FH1142 FH1142
Study for Pembrokeshire Landscape
FH1119 FH1119
Double Portrait No.2
FH0905 FH0905
The Green Urn
FH0560 FH0560
FH0742 FH0742
Double Portrait