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Catalogue number Title
FH0846 FH0846
Chinese Vase - Notes for Colour
FH0765 FH0765
Untitled (Textile Design no II)
FH0341 FH0341
Gipsy Caravan
FH1245 FH1245
Portrait of David (Brynley)
FH0768 FH0768
Untitled (Textile Design no V)
FH0624 FH0624
Threshing Machine
FH0845 FH0845
Dish of Fruit - Notes for Colour
[verso: Cityscape]
FH1079 FH1079
Decorative Motif
FH1218 FH1218
Purbeck Farm
FH0770 FH0770
Untitled (Textile Design no Vll)
FH0567 FH0567
Le Reveil (Mother and Child)
FH0037 FH0037
Girl Feeding Poultry
FH0369 FH0369
Market Scene
FH0400 FH0400
Village Street Scene
FH0776 FH0776
Chez M. Le Chef
FH0542 FH0542
Mardi Gras Concarneau
FH0796 FH0796
Boy and Boat
FH0825 FH0825
Still Life in a Landscape
FH1197 FH1197
Flowers and Cat
FH1220 FH1220
Kitchen Range