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Catalogue number Title
FH0470 FH0470
Dutch Harbour Scene
FH1118 FH1118
Portrait of Anthony West
FH1160 FH1160
Empty Barrels and Drums
FH1164 FH1164
Portrait of Katharine Church
FH1190 FH1190
FH1191 FH1191
FH1239 FH1239
Purbeck Courtyard Early Afternoon
FH1253 FH1253
Farm Bridge Dorset
1955/46/1 1955/46/1
A Bridge
FH0575 FH0575
Gypsies on a Hill
FH0713 FH0713
Les Martigues
FH0993 FH0993
Poet Resting Under a Tree
FH1123 FH1123
Still Life
FH0918 FH0918
Still Life Landscape
FH0890 FH0890
Still Life
FH0694 FH0694
Mother and Child
FH1205 FH1205
Walled Garden with Convolvulus
FH0624 FH0624
Threshing Machine
FH0224 FH0224
The Bagmaker
FH0305 FH0305
The Mussel Gatherers Puketeraki