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Catalogue number Title
FH0536 FH0536
On the Seine, Paris
FH0682 FH0682
FH0699 FH0699
The French Innkeeper, Francois
FH0966 FH0966
Woman and Young Girl
FH1020 FH1020
FH0886 FH0886
Still Life in a Garden
FH0944 FH0944
Roses and China
FH0986 FH0986
Drawing with Landscape
FH0884 FH0884
FH1096 FH1096
Silver Howe
FH0861 FH0861
Elizabeth and Sara Martin
FH1095 FH1095
Entrance to Tunnel
FH1009 FH1009
Sabrina's Garden
FH0618 FH0618
Portrait of a Young Woman
FH0789 FH0789
Lancashire Mill Girls
FH0817 FH0817
The Yellow Houseboat
FH0954 FH0954
Leaves and a Pot
FH0811 FH0811
Farmyard Scene
FH0101 FH0101
A Goose Girl
FH0421 FH0421
Study of a Soudanese [sic]