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Catalogue number Title
FH1272 FH1272
Still life: Self Portrait
FH0103 FH0103
The Girl with the Flaxen Hair
FH0124 FH0124
The Leith
FH0295 FH0295
Maori Woman with Child
FH0301 FH0301
Girl on the Beach
FH0367 FH0367
The Market Place, San Remo, Italy
FH0399 FH0399
Street Scene in Holland
FH0443 FH0443
The Orange Sellers Tangiers
FH0484 FH0484
A Dutch Canal
FH1112 FH1112
Sketch for Hill Landscape
FH1116 FH1116
Quarry Farm Wiltshire
FH1120 FH1120
FH1209 FH1209
Barn Interior, Dolaucothy
FH1239 FH1239
Purbeck Courtyard Early Afternoon
FH1251 FH1251
Geoffrey Gorer's Cottage 'The Croft' Bradford on Tone
FH1252 FH1252
Cherry Tree at The Croft
FH1254 FH1254
Spring at Little Woolgarston
FH0495 FH0495
A Dutch Girl
FH0620 FH0620
The Rickyard at Dawn
FH0665 FH0665
Portrait of Arthur Lett Haines