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Catalogue number Title
RC2015/4/7/6 RC2015/4/7/6
William Mathew Hodgkins
RC2015/4/7/7 RC2015/4/7/7
Pelorus Sound Party
RC2015/4/7/8 RC2015/4/7/8
Bert, Frank, Percy [Hodgkins] on steps of Cranmore Lodge
RC2015/4/7/9 RC2015/4/7/9
Mrs Field and Her First Child [?]
RC2015/4/7/10 RC2015/4/7/10
Geoffrey Field
RC2015/4/7/11 RC2015/4/7/11
Field/ Hodgkins Headstone
RC2015/4/7/12 RC2015/4/7/12
Field/ Hodgkins Headstone
RC2015/4/7/13 RC2015/4/7/13
Frances Hodgkins at Cranmore Lodge
RC2015/4/7/14 RC2015/4/7/14
Frances Hodgkins at Cranmore Lodge
RC2015/4/7/15 RC2015/4/7/15
Femie, Snowy and Fanny at Cranmore Lodge [Euphemia (known as Phemie) the Maid Milking Snowy the Cow with Fanny (Frances Hodgkins) Carrying a Pail]
RC2015/4/7/16 RC2015/4/7/16
W H Field and Frances [Hodgkins] (with Sunshade)
RC2015/4/7/17 RC2015/4/7/17
Group of Women with Frances Hodgkins (second from left) in Dunedin
RC2015/4/7/18 RC2015/4/7/18
Frances Hodgkins, Bowen St Wellington
RC2015/4/7/19 RC2015/4/7/19
Frances Hodgkins (third from right) and Members of her Class, St Valéry-sur-Somme
RC2015/4/7/20 RC2015/4/7/20
Frances Hodgkins with Two Pupils at St Valéry-sur-Somme
RC2015/4/7/21 RC2015/4/7/21
Frances Hodgkins
RC2015/4/7/24 RC2015/4/7/24
Frances Hodgkins
RC2015/4/7/25 RC2015/4/7/25
Frances Hodgkins and Mrs Coggan
RC2015/4/7/26 RC2015/4/7/26
Frances Hodgkins
RC2015/4/7/27 RC2015/4/7/27
Frances Hodgkins