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Catalogue number Title
1955/46/1 1955/46/1
A Bridge
1955/46/2 1955/46/2
A Yellow tower
1955/46/3 1955/46/3
Bridge with Distant Landscape Seen Through One of the Arches
1955/46/4 1955/46/4
An Archway
1955/46/5 1955/46/5
Two Drawings and Notes
1955/46/6 1955/46/6
Landscape with buildings and river
RC2015/4/4/32 RC2015/4/4/32
Frances Hodgkins as an Infant
RC2015/4/4/41 RC2015/4/4/41
Frances Hodgkins at Montreuil-sur-Mer [?]
RC2015/4/4/42 RC2015/4/4/42
Frances Hodgkins in the Wharf Studio, St Ives, Cornwall
RC2015/4/4/56 RC2015/4/4/56
Frances Hodgkins and Mrs Coggan