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Catalogue number Title
RC2015/4/7/50 RC2015/4/7/50
Dorothy Richmond Painting from the Model in Stanhope Forbes' Studio
RC2015/4/7/51 RC2015/4/7/51
Postcard from Frances Hodgkins of Martigues to Hannah Ritchie
RC2015/4/7/53 RC2015/4/7/53
Postcard from Hannah Ritchie of Saint-Valéry-sur-Somme to W R Ritchie
RC2015/4/7/54 RC2015/4/7/54
Postcard of Concarneau - Costume du Pays
RC2015/4/7/55 RC2015/4/7/55
Postcard of Paris - La Rue de Sèvres
RC2015/4/7/56 RC2015/4/7/56
Mrs Karetai
RC2015/4/7/57 RC2015/4/7/57
Mrs Karetai and Mere
RC2015/4/4/36 RC2015/4/4/36
Frances Hodgkins
1955/46/1 1955/46/1
A Bridge
1955/46/2 1955/46/2
A Yellow tower