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Catalogue number Title
RC2015/4/7/38 RC2015/4/7/38
The Croft, Bradford on Tone, Somerset
RC2015/4/7/40 RC2015/4/7/40
Porthmeor Studios
RC2015/4/7/41 RC2015/4/7/41
Maurice Garnier
RC2015/4/7/42 RC2015/4/7/42
Lucy Carrington Wertheim
RC2015/4/7/44 RC2015/4/7/44
Eardley Knollys
RC2015/4/7/45 RC2015/4/7/45
Katharine (Kitty) Church [later West] with a Portrait of Herself by Frances Hodgkins
RC2015/4/7/46 RC2015/4/7/46
Dorothy Kate Richmond (right) and her Sister, Ann Elizabeth (Alla) Atkinson, Otaki
RC2015/4/7/47 RC2015/4/7/47
Dorothy Kate Richmond, Otaki
RC2015/4/7/48 RC2015/4/7/48
Dorothy Kate Richmond
RC2015/4/7/49 RC2015/4/7/49
Dorothy Kate Richmond