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Catalogue number Title
FH1263 FH1263
Grandmother and Child, Brittany
FH1272 FH1272
Still life: Self Portrait
FH1088 FH1088
The Weir, Bradford-on-Tone
FH1136 FH1136
The Mill House
FH1138 FH1138
Cheviot Farm
FH1144 FH1144
Houses and Outhouses, Isle of Purbeck
FH1146 FH1146
Hill Town landscape
FH1150 FH1150
Houses and Outhouses, Purbeck
FH1171 FH1171
Farmyard, Essex
FH1186 FH1186
Dairy Farm
FH1207 FH1207
The Bird Bath
FH1223 FH1223
Middle Mill
FH1225 FH1225
Corfe Castle
FH1238 FH1238
The Courtyard in Wartime
FH1239 FH1239
Purbeck Courtyard Early Afternoon
FH1240 FH1240
Morning, Purbeck Courtyard
FH1246 FH1246
FH0749 FH0749
Child in a Pram
FH1244 FH1244
The Spanish Well, Purbeck
FH1039 FH1039