Letter from Frances Hodgkins to Lorna Style

17 Dec 1945
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17 Dec 1945
Studio Corfe Castle Dorset Dect 17th 1945
Dear Lorna Style
Thank you for your letter. If you can sent the Maori Girl along by Post rolled & registered I will gladly sign it for you or if you prefer to bring it do so. I don’t remember painting it – probably about 1900?
I am very grieved to hear of Maud’s death. I had not known it. She was such a grand person. She last wrote from her new home, Brownes, which I gather was in a restricted area & I being in indifferent health at the time, we did not meet. You must all miss her terribly.
I am very interested to hear you are working with Cedric Morris – how wise of you! Tell him I hope he will come & visit us soon. Do let me have a p.c
Yours sincerely Frances Hodgkins
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Studio, Corfe Castle, Dorset
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E H McCormick Archive of Frances Hodgkins' Letters, E H McCormick Research Library, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki