Letter from Frances Hodgkins to Barbara Coombes

30 Aug 1945
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30 Aug 1945
Studio Corfe Castle Dorset Aug 30 1945
My Dear Barbara
How very nice of you to write. Your letter was a joy to me. Thank you so much for making such a pleasant arrangement for me with Mrs Mann. It sounds ideal – just what I would like & need. Do thank her & say how grateful I am.
I fear it is quite impossible for me to get away from here till towards end of Sept if then. I have a wad of unfinished work on my hands which is Studio work & meant for my early Spring Show in London – can’t be shelved. I shall know in about a fornight’s time where I stand & if and when I can come. Don’t keep room but please explain to Mrs Mann that I will take my chance of finding it still unoccupied. I will send p.c as soon as possible. I should be very sad to come & find you gone. I am finding Corfe terribly full & noisy & long for a peaceful garden.
I thought it adorable of you to make that long journey to Corfe. How very nearly I caused you to lose your train!
No more. This in great haste. My love to you Frances.
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Studio - Corfe Castle - Dorset
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E H McCormick Archive of Frances Hodgkins' Letters, E H McCormick Research Library, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki