Letter from Theresa Thorp to Frances Hodgkins

13 Feb 1915
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13 Feb 1915
The American Hospital of Paris Section for the Wounded Ambulance: Lycée Pasteur Boulevard d’Inkermann Neuilly-sur-Seine Telephone Wagram 42-40 Feb. 13th
Dearest Hodgey
I am so glad to hear of you again. I knew just before I left Newlyn that you were at St Ives but I was too busy to arrange anything. Such a fuss getting out of Eng. Everything as difficult as possible. Have been here just a fortnight & am quite settled down. I didn’t think I should be strong enough for the work but I am wonderfully well & happy. We get up at 6.30 am no hot water or luxuries of any kind & are off duty at 8 pm. But we get off for two hours in the afternoon. I am lucky in having a bedroom to myself - most of the others are 6 & 8 in a room. I have a ward of French Officers 8 beds – very nice men. This is a most wonderful place simply enormous -there are 1750 meals served a day – everything very well done. There are 80 ambulance & over 100 other cars in connection with it. They run to all parts of the Front & the cases are always brought in at night. It is simply horrible – but it is no use talking about it - I don’t think I half realized when I came what it meant. No one shall ever run down the French men again before me, they are so brave & cheerful. Some of the poor things have been here since the first battle & will be here as many more months - & that be no good.
How I would love to see you & your work. There are some splendid types of all nations here, most paintable. We have 450 beds all full. So glad you like my ‘Dawn’ it is so badly placed & framed – it looks its worst. I had a good time painting last year & got a most charming model at Newlyn who posed for me for months. I made a great try for sunshine out of doors but when the war started I could not work though I made many trys. Anyhow I am all right now - & shall stay as long as I am well & try to get nearer the front later & nurse our own men. There are no Eng being brought to Paris now. I wish you all the luck in the world. I wish you could meet my sister & niece who are still at Newlyn but when I return you must come over & see us. We are in the most delightful rooms at the top of the hill. Don’t run away before I return. Are there any old friends in Paris - I don’t go out much, am only too glad to rest where off duty so go to bed at 8 o’clock.
I believe we can go one better than St Ives for models in Newlyn. I have a charming little studio there which is let till April.
I only got your letter sent on to me this morn. Feb 13, but I had left when you wrote. This is like missing you last spring. Did you ever get your sketches again? I tried to find you here but failed.
Much love & I hope I shall see you when I return. I meant to be back in May but who knows. Please post enclosed. Yours ever affect. Theresa Thorp. Feb 13th
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The American Hospital of Paris, Section for the Wounded, Lycee Pasteur, Boulevard d'Inkermann, Neuilly-sur-Seine
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Letters from Frances Hodgkins. Field, Isabel Jane, 1867-1950 : Correspondence of Frances Hodgkins and family / collected by Isabel Field. Ref: MS-Papers-0085-29. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.