Letter from Goodie Shaw to Frances Hodgkins

01 Feb 1911
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01 Feb 1911
7 Burston Road Putney Hill S.W. Feb 1st 1911
[Written in pencil under address “Goodie Shaw – wife of Arthur Shaw K.C. nephew of Florence Nightingale]
My dear Frances
We were so glad to get your letter, we had been wondering where you were & I was going to write to your Paris address & chance the letter being sent on to you, when your letter came. I am ashamed that I have not answered it before. You say you were a villain about letters, I am worse than that. I was not well at Xmas & as soon as we could we went to Bournemouth for a time to give Dick some sea air before starting school again. As soon as we got home we all had the most frantic colds & Dick has only gone to school again the last few days, however we are all better now. I hope you are well & not finding the climate too trying.
Arthur is very well & very busy we often talk of ?Salome and the lovely time we had in Paris, largely thanks to you. It does make such a difference if one has friends in ‘foreign parts’.
I hope work flourishes and that times are good. You must come & stay with us when you are in London next & renew our friendship with ‘Dinner’. We are very fond of our old lady & I am wondering how you will like the frame we put her into. I think I am a bit doubtful about it, but you will tell us what you think when you come.
Aunt Mary has had many domestic upheavals since returning to Liverpool. She has been staying at a boarding house just lately, but hates it & is or has already gone back to 4 Huskisson St. She has had many maids, all bad & the last two drank. I am very sorry for her, but I wish she would make a little allowance for servant human nature, however she likes the excitement of change & movement. Aunt M. tells us that one of your sisters is married to the N.Z. Premier. How lovely for you at the Coronation! You will be able to go with them to the Abbey & all sorts of grand things. I am so glad you get good news from home. Are you really thinking of returning soon? Don’t go till after you have paid a visit any way. Please write & propose yourself when it fits in with your plans. Aunt Mary will be coming to us about Easter I expect, so that if you come to England in the Spring you might see her here.
It is most bitterly cold here now, unusually so for us, everybody looks nipped up & wretched. I shall be glad when it changes for I hate the cold & am always glad when summer is with us. I am so glad you have fellow artists near, it would be lonely otherwise I should think.
I shall be so glad to get a line when you have time & feel like writing. With much love from us both & all good luck for 1911 & always. Yours affectionately Goodie
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7 Burston Rd, Putney Hill, S.W. [London]
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Letters from Frances Hodgkin to Rachel Hodgkins. Field, Isabel Jane, 1867-1950 : Correspondence of Frances Hodgkins and family / collected by Isabel Field. Ref: MS-Papers-0085-24. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.