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Catalogue number Title
FH0754 FH0754
Still Life
FH0753 FH0753
Three Vases
FH0744 FH0744
FH0731 FH0731
FH1067 FH1067
Spanish Jars
FH0906 FH0906
Berries and Laurel
FH0854 FH0854
Untitled (Vase of Flowers)
FH0891 FH0891
Red Jug
FH1202 FH1202
FH0763 FH0763
Still Life: Anemones and Hyacinths
FH0985 FH0985
Foliage and China
FH0496 FH0496
Untitled [Still Life with a Bottle]
FH0507 FH0507
Untitled [Still Life with a Bunch of Flowers]
FH1084 FH1084
Self Portrait: Still Life
FH1033 FH1033
Phoenician Pottery and Gourds
FH0948 FH0948
Eggs and Ferns
FH1221 FH1221
Window Piece
FH1204 FH1204
Ornaments with Flowers
FH1203 FH1203
China Shoe
FH1135 FH1135
Chairs and Pots