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Catalogue number Title
FH0931 FH0931
Still Life
FH0930 FH0930
Three Roses
FH0922 FH0922
Still Life and Landscape
FH0921 FH0921
Still Life with Lilies in a Vase
FH0918 FH0918
Still Life Landscape
FH0916 FH0916
Blackberry and Apple
FH0915 FH0915
Still Life with Landscape
FH0911 FH0911
The Painted Chest
FH0910 FH0910
Still Life
FH0895 FH0895
Still Life
FH0889 FH0889
The Croft, Still Life with Divan
FH0887 FH0887
Nuptial Bouquet
FH0886 FH0886
Still Life in a Garden
FH0885 FH0885
Spanish Pottery
FH0882 FH0882
Still Life
FH0881 FH0881
The Urn
FH0880 FH0880
River Garden
FH0879 FH0879
Still Life with Flowers and Vases
FH0877 FH0877
Still Life
FH0876 FH0876
Landscape and Still Life