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Catalogue number Title
FH1007 FH1007
China Dogs
FH1000 FH1000
Nine Plums
FH0987 FH0987
Cornish Window
FH0986 FH0986
Drawing with Landscape
FH0978 FH0978
Still Life
Still Life with Cherries
FH0954 FH0954
Leaves and a Pot
FH0953 FH0953
FH0951 FH0951
Narcissus and Fruit
FH0950 FH0950
Still Life
FH0949 FH0949
Winter Leaves
FH0947 FH0947
Still Life with Red Jar
FH0946 FH0946
Broken Pottery
FH0945 FH0945
Still Life
FH0944 FH0944
Roses and China
FH0943 FH0943
FH0942 FH0942
Still Life
FH0941 FH0941
The China Dog
FH0940 FH0940
Still Life
FH0939 FH0939
Two Plates