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Catalogue number Title
FH1248 FH1248
Parrot with Poppy
FH1247 FH1247
Christmas Tree
FH1220 FH1220
Kitchen Range
FH1205 FH1205
Walled Garden with Convolvulus
FH1197 FH1197
Flowers and Cat
FH1196 FH1196
Still Life Self Portrait
FH1194 FH1194
FH1193 FH1193
Still Life
FH1192 FH1192
Wild Violets and Honesty
FH1159 FH1159
FH1134 FH1134
Arum Lilies
FH1123 FH1123
Still Life
FH1105 FH1105
Still Life
FH1096 FH1096
Silver Howe
FH1093 FH1093
Still Life
FH1092 FH1092
Fungus and Fig
FH1083 FH1083
Still-life Landscape with Apples, Pears, Grapes and Flowers
FH1063 FH1063
FH1053 FH1053
Still Life with Gourds
FH1047 FH1047
Still Life, Fish and Shells