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Catalogue number Title
FH0129 FH0129
Man in Frock Coat
FH0130 FH0130
Study of an Old Man
FH0131 FH0131
Head of a Bearded Man
FH0132 FH0132
Man in Brown Hat
FH0133 FH0133
The Old Man's Head
FH0134 FH0134
Profile of Bearded Man
FH0135 FH0135
Girl with the Red Scarf
FH0136 FH0136
Isabel Jane Field
FH0137 FH0137
Sketch of Isabel Field
FH0139 FH0139
May Kenyon in Toque
FH0140 FH0140
Young Woman
FH0141 FH0141
Lady Hosking
FH0142 FH0142
Lady Hosking in Japanese Dress
FH0143 FH0143
Old Woman
FH0144 FH0144
Head of an Old Woman
FH0145 FH0145
The Old Lady in the Chair
FH0146 FH0146
Seated Old Woman
FH0148 FH0148
May Kenyon
FH0149 FH0149
Frank Scott