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Catalogue number Title
FH0095 FH0095
FH0096 FH0096
FH0097 FH0097
Phemie at Cranmore Lodge, Dunedin
FH0098 FH0098
Maori Woman with a Pail
FH0099 FH0099
Allison Bartleman (Later Fenwick)
FH0100 FH0100
Washerwoman with Basket
FH0101 FH0101
A Goose Girl
FH0102 FH0102
Indian Boy
FH0103 FH0103
The Girl with the Flaxen Hair
FH0104 FH0104
Portrait of Ethel McLaren
Girl's Head
FH0113 FH0113
Head of a Young Woman
FH0114 FH0114
The Rev Dr Stuart (1819-94)
FH0115 FH0115
Girl in Heliotrope
FH0116 FH0116
Baby on Beach (Marion Scott)
FH0117 FH0117
Card Depicting Japanese Women with Fans
FH0119 FH0119
Portrait of Ethel McLaren
FH0120 FH0120
"She loves me not but will always regard me as her ber-ruther"
Portrait of a Young Woman
FH0128 FH0128
A Man of Property