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Catalogue number Title
FH0708 FH0708
Cassis Quarryman and Wife
FH0739 FH0739
Hannah Ritchie and Jane Saunders
FH0742 FH0742
Double Portrait
FH0746 FH0746
Three French Children
FH0901 FH0901
Portrait of Cedric Morris
FH0909 FH0909
Portrait of Annie Coggan
FH0960 FH0960
Three Figures
FH1038 FH1038
Two Heads
FH1050 FH1050
Maurice Garnier
FH1056 FH1056
Two Sicilian Shepherds
FH1086 FH1086
Self Portrait (Still Life)
FH0903 FH0903
FH0973 FH0973
Portrait of Elsie Barling
FH1084 FH1084
Self Portrait: Still Life
FH0427 FH0427
Untitled [Mother and Child]
FH0539 FH0539
Untitled [Woman in a Sunhat]
FH0537 FH0537
Untitled [Woman with a Mirror]
FH0858 FH0858
Portrait of a Girl
FH0293 FH0293
Head of a Maori Girl (Mere Te Kaehe Karetai)
FH0512 FH0512
Untitled [Sleeping Child]