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Catalogue number Title
FH1245 FH1245
Portrait of David (Brynley)
FH1165 FH1165
Jane Saunders
FH1164 FH1164
Portrait of Katharine Church
FH1161 FH1161
Portrait of Mrs Elisabeth Curtis
FH1119 FH1119
Double Portrait No.2
FH1118 FH1118
Portrait of Anthony West
FH1066 FH1066
Spanish Peasants
FH1060 FH1060
FH1059 FH1059
FH1057 FH1057
FH0983 FH0983
Girl Washing Linen
FH0980 FH0980
Girl with a Guitar
FH0972 FH0972
Woman Washing in the Garden
FH0967 FH0967
Lazy Afternoon
FH0966 FH0966
Woman and Young Girl
FH0965 FH0965
Mother and Son
FH0964 FH0964
Head of a Boy
FH0963 FH0963
Figures on a Platform
FH0961 FH0961
Figure Study
FH0959 FH0959
Boy and Girl