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Catalogue number Title
FH0382 FH0382
A Cornish Road
FH0467 FH0467
A Farmhouse
FH0497 FH0497
Young Girls by a River
FH0500 FH0500
Dutch Canal
FH0524 FH0524
The Parasol
FH0544 FH0544
Tunny Boats Concarneau
FH0546 FH0546
Two Women in a Landscape
FH0587 FH0587
Figure in a Landscape
FH0588 FH0588
Farmyard Wagon at Chipping Campden
FH0591 FH0591
Lieut. J S Rich
FH0595 FH0595
Female Figure in Landscape
FH0635 FH0635
Houses in a Landscape
FH0677 FH0677
FH0678 FH0678
Landscape, South of France
FH0681 FH0681
Coastal Landscape
FH0704 FH0704
FH0726 FH0726
FH0733 FH0733
A Country Road with Hay Ricks
FH0735 FH0735
Peasant Family in a Field
FH0738 FH0738
Lesson Demonstration, Burford