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Catalogue number Title
FH1121 FH1121
Phoenician Ruins
FH1144 FH1144
Houses and Outhouses, Isle of Purbeck
FH1145 FH1145
Kimmeridge Foreshore
FH1146 FH1146
Hill Town landscape
FH1175 FH1175
August Month
FH1219 FH1219
The Mill Wheel
FH1221 FH1221
Window Piece
1955/46/2 1955/46/2
A Yellow tower
1955/46/3 1955/46/3
Bridge with Distant Landscape Seen Through One of the Arches
1955/46/6 1955/46/6
Landscape with buildings and river
FH0088 FH0088
Wellington from Everton Terrace
FH0089 FH0089
The Old Barn
FH0090 FH0090
The Old Mill
FH0098 FH0098
Maori Woman with a Pail
FH0105 FH0105
Dunedin Harbour
FH0112 FH0112
Wellington from Everton Terrace
FH0122 FH0122
Lonely Cow
FH0123 FH0123
Sheds by the River
FH0124 FH0124
The Leith
FH0202 FH0202
Dart Valley Looking Towards Beansburn from Near Paradise