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Catalogue number Title
FH0979 FH0979
FH0981 FH0981
Maison Rouge
FH0988 FH0988
Wings Over Water
FH0989 FH0989
Wings Over Water
FH0993 FH0993
Poet Resting Under a Tree
FH1001 FH1001
Still Life in Landscape
FH1004 FH1004
Cornish Landscape
FH1015 FH1015
FH1017 FH1017
Ibiza Harbour
FH1018 FH1018
Ibiza, Balearic Islands
FH1028 FH1028
Monastery Steps
FH1034 FH1034
Drawing Water
FH1046 FH1046
Ibiza, Spain
FH1048 FH1048
Three Islands, Ibiza
FH1056 FH1056
Two Sicilian Shepherds
FH1094 FH1094
Private Bathing
FH1098 FH1098
Hill Landscape
FH1101 FH1101
Spanish Landscape in Orange, Brown & Green
FH1103 FH1103
Spanish Landscape with Stooks in Grey and Pink
FH1112 FH1112
Sketch for Hill Landscape