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Catalogue number Title
FH1205 FH1205
Walled Garden with Convolvulus
FH1199 FH1199
The Corner of the Woods
FH1189 FH1189
Wheelwright Solva
FH1187 FH1187
Fallen Timbers, Corfe Castle
FH1186 FH1186
Dairy Farm
FH1185 FH1185
Landscape with Engine
FH1184 FH1184
FH1180 FH1180
Tréboul 3
FH1179 FH1179
Wreckage, Kimmeridge
FH1178 FH1178
The River Tone, Somerset
FH1176 FH1176
Drying Sheets, Tréboul
FH1174 FH1174
Tractor and Farm Wagon
FH1171 FH1171
Farmyard, Essex
FH1162 FH1162
Foreshore Kimmeridge
FH1158 FH1158
FH1157 FH1157
Ruined Cottage
FH1155 FH1155
Farm Implements
FH1148 FH1148
Welsh Landscape 4
FH1147 FH1147
FH1143 FH1143
Landscape at Solva