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Catalogue number Title
FH1254 FH1254
Spring at Little Woolgarston
FH1253 FH1253
Farm Bridge Dorset
FH1252 FH1252
Cherry Tree at The Croft
FH1251 FH1251
Geoffrey Gorer's Cottage 'The Croft' Bradford on Tone
FH1250 FH1250
Dorset Farm
FH1249 FH1249
Corfe Castle Village
FH1242 FH1242
To the Castle Corfe
FH1237 FH1237
Mangolds, Purbeck
FH1236 FH1236
Country Colour, Purbeck
FH1233 FH1233
The Watermill
FH1232 FH1232
A Grove
FH1231 FH1231
Dorset Landscape
FH1230 FH1230
Farm Pond
FH1227 FH1227
No 1 Abandoned Cottage, Cerne Abbas
FH1226 FH1226
Welsh Farm
FH1225 FH1225
Corfe Castle
FH1223 FH1223
Middle Mill
FH1216 FH1216
Green Valley, Carmarthenshire
FH1207 FH1207
The Bird Bath
FH1206 FH1206
Trees and Ricks